System and Data Center Failover, Failback Support

Data Resolution offers data center failover capability — the transfer of input, output, and processes from one data center to another during a disaster — in servers, systems, or networks that need continuous high availability and a great degree of reliability. And of course, we offer failback services, to get everything back to the primary data center.

How It Works

Our data center failover solutions are flexible and based on server virtualization and head-of-the-class hardware providers and the following occurs:

  • If one physical server fails it automatically and seamlessly moves your virtual server to a new one
  • If one server has a large workload on it, our systems move it
  • Some systems, intentionally, don’t completely failover automatically, so we use an “automated with manual approval” configuration once you’ve given the OK to the failover

Data Center Failover Support

It’s up to you to determine how often to refresh your services, but we suggest that transfers between data centers be handled by us using test and verification protocols. Line verifications, like the monitoring of bandwidth, ping, and client machines let us determine the problem and decide how best to proceed in the event of a failure.

Server Failover and Failback Testing

We’ll give you results of our quarterly system failovers and failbacks that show failover times and load capacity performance. We also give staging/test environments to our Disaster Recovery customers that let them test server failover and failback.

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