SQL Refresh Rate and Server Refresh Rate

In the event of a catastrophic failure, SQL refresh rate and server refresh rate play an important role and can affect your production changes and the input of new SQL records. Data Resolution provides several temperature solutions that are based on how you provision storage and manage workloads, along with your business requirements.

SQL Refresh Rate

How often data is synchronized between the primary and secondary data centers is important in an outage because some SQL records being entered at the time of the outage will be lost because that primary data center is transferring what was already in it to the secondary center.

How much will be lost has much to do with the number of users and the number of transactions per hour.

Server Refresh Rate

Here’s where the change control policy comes into play. What’s allowed in your policy will affect the server refresh rate for production. We recommend you make no production changes before you’ve tested them and created a rollout plan.

We backup your systems each week with Veeam, which manages and maintains system deltas and images. This means we can roll back to your last system change and migrate it to the second data center based upon the change control policies.

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