Microsoft Dynamics Private Clouds by Data Resolution

With everyone concerned about security and compliance these days, you may feel safer to have your products hosted on your premises or in our Microsoft Dynamics Private Cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Private Clouds

However, for a higher level of customization and a lower cost than most onsite options, consider Microsoft Dynamics with Data Resolution..

We have five data centers around the world and our Private Clouds offer a higher level of customization in a highly secured, highly accessible solution for Microsoft Dynamics cloud.

Choose the Microsoft Dynamics Private Cloud option to gain:

  • Higher levels of security and customizations
  • Greater resources at a lower cost
  • Better performance since the infrastructure is dedicated to your business, not shared
  • Offsite data storage to support business recovery and emergency contingency plans
  • Automatic and managed backups and upgrades

We even offer a hybrid option where you can combine with lower-cost solutions to add even more flexibility and redundancy to your infrastructure.

Discover the many benefits that our managed services can offer your business.