Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Organize and automate business processes that enhance customer satisfaction by taking your Sales, Marketing and Service Desk to next level.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When used in the sales, marketing, and customer services fields, it can help reduce costs and increase profitability exponentially. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables your salesforce to upsell and cross-sell in a concerted way and helps you exceed customer expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics 2016 CRM, which is available in 41 languages, provides enterprise-grade scalability and increased flexibility for organizations of all sizes. It offers built-in connections to Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Azure, Skype, Yammer, the enterprise social network, and more, and it can also be tweaked to provide social media monitoring.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 2016 CRM modules include:

  • Sales tools that make the internal processes simpler and easier and help your sales force become prepared and insightful, collaborative and connected, quick and mobile, and highly productive.
  • Customer care tools that allow employees to manage the support and retention phase of the customer lifecycle as well as manage contracts and SLAs. 
  • Marketing tools that help you cultivate and attract customers, and retain the ones you have. Segmentation of customers becomes easier, giving you a better way to target each segment at the right time with the right message.

And, you’ve got three ways to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 at Data Resolution. Choose from:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 with Private Cloud hosting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016
on Azure

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
on AWS

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