Managed Public Cloud Services through Data Resolution

We have Managed AWS, Managed Azure, and Managed Google Services teams ready and eager to help you take advantage of the scale and flexibility offered by the world’s leading Cloud platforms.


If You’re Not Using Managed Public Cloud Services, You’re Missing Out

The Cloud is a landscape of opportunity, but also an expansive world that can be difficult to navigate for organizations that are only just discovering its potential. When committing to a move to the Cloud, the greatest challenge business owners and IT managers alike face is whether to go it alone or solicit experts who make it their business to enjoy the benefits of Cloud:


Flexible Managed Public Cloud Platforms

Best-in-class software and infrastructure for operating systems, programming languages, tools, and databases.


Global Data Center Options for Optimal Performance

A global network of data centers providing high-end performance for you and your clients.


Seamless Integration and Deployment

You’ll get seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure via a massive network of secure private connections.

Not All Cloud Services Providers Are Created Equal

Even the smallest details can have a massive impact on your business, and you know it. But what you may not know is that, while Cloud providers offer similar products, how can you tell the difference? Well, since the underlying technology and product offerings are similar, it’s only natural that you’d look to the one thing that every customer craves but not every company offers: service that makes you feel like royalty.

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    The Data Resolution Managed Services Experience

    When you choose one of Data Resolution’s Managed Public Cloud solutions you’ll also get the Data Resolution Managed Services team, with full hands-on, US-based support.

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    Single Fixed Monthly Bill

    Enjoy absolute cost certainty with a monthly fixed bill. Data Resolution provides optimization services so that there’s never any wild fluctuations in your invoices.

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    Design and Deploy

    Fully architected on-premises and Cloud solutions integrating your mission-critical business applications like Dynamics and SharePoint. We’ll even build out hosted high security/high compliance Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions if your business requires it.

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    Industry and Application Expertise

    Enjoy the benefits of working with an award-winning hoster to optimize, manage and monitor your environments, including your virtual machines, databases, and industry-specific application workloads and more.

“It Works the Same, Doesn’t It? Why Should I Care about Service?”

It might seem that choosing a technology provider should be enough. As long as the technology is roughly the same, why should it matter? Here’s why. When there’s a problem at three in the morning on New Year’s day, will your provider answer the phone with a live voice backed up by a team ready to get you up and running, or will you be left hanging? The great Managed Public Cloud services provider offers white glove 24/7/365 live support.

You Wouldn’t Hire a General Practitioner to Perform Brain Surgery

When choosing your Managed Public Cloud services provider, you’re hiring an expert team of professionals ready to handle everything from data center facilities to network performance to disaster recovery. You want a Managed Public Cloud services provider that offers a wide range of added services to choose from based on your business needs and goals: migration services, provisioning, performance management, data backups, and even regulatory compliance management whenever you choose. You call the shots.

Managed Cloud is all about partnering with a provider who is genuinely invested in your business performance.

We offer a full suite of services to choose from:

  • Design, planning, migration
  • Application monitoring
  • Secure mobile
  • Patch management and upgrades
  • World-class technical support — 24/7/365
  • Backup/replication
  • Antivirus/antispam
  • Compliance
  • Variable bill based on usage
  • Fixed fee single monthly bill

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With Data Resolution, you have an experienced hosting partner to help design and deploy your computing workload needs. We base your hosting services on business needs rather than technology limitations.