Enterprise Monitoring and Reporting

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How Effective is Your Enterprise System Monitoring?

You have servers, workstations, and mobile devices, numbering in the hundreds or thousands. They’re all interconnected, all working together to ensure constant uptime, airtight security, and a smoothly-running network environment. At least that’s what you tell yourself. Reality, on the other hand, tells you that the network is bogged down and suffers from routine and costly service interruptions. Your IT staff can’t keep up with the ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting demands.

Sound familiar?

Take Control of Your Enterprise System Monitoring

Data Resolution’s Enterprise System Monitoring and Reporting solution empowers your IT team and helps you take back your IT infrastructure. A full-featured monitoring solution, it provides complete insight and visibility into every device connected to your network, in real-time.

Data Resolution Enterprise System Monitoring gives your IT staff full remote control over servers and workstations, whether you operate on:

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    A Hosted Center

    Under a Data Resolution domain

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    A Hosted Domain

    Under a separate (client) domain

Instant Access

Whether you have a network of 20 devices or 2,000, you’ll have instant access to invaluable information that your staff needs to keep the network running smoothly. The Data Resolution Monitoring and Reporting solution monitors and manages just about any IP-connected device, including:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Virtual Machines
  • Connected devices (including printers, routers, IoT devices)
  • Mobile devices

Main Features:

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    Quick Logon

    IT staff get login ids and can log into any of their computers

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    Monitoring Status and Uptime of Systems

    Including system events like processes going down or system resources spiking

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    Device Details and Live Stats

    IT staff want to see each device and what it does as well as tools like seeing and managing services and processes. If CPU usage goes beyond 95% for example, if a service goes down, if HDD space goes beyond 95% or -15GB, an alert is sent

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    Assets, for example on their devices (detail on software, licenses, etc.)

Never Leave Your Seat

Through your dashboard you’ll be able to connect to all the devices on your network, whether they’re all in the same physical space or whether they’re spread out across different data centers and regional offices.

At a glance, you can detect potential problems with devices. You can review details about specific devices, including:

  • Network traffic
  • Security events
  • Operating System information
  • Running services and processes
  • CPU & memory usage
  • HDD space utilization
  • Software licensing information
  • Software/OS patching and update status
  • Antivirus information (updates and status)

Everything is color-coded and flagged, so you’ll see problems as they occur, and N-Central can be configured to send automated messages to IT staff when issues occur.


Get complete access to various aspects of your network environment:

ESX Hosts



Network Devices


Antivirus Updates

Patch Management


Receive alerts and sophisticated reports on virtually every aspect of your network environment:







Scheduled Reports

Check Your Stats

Organizational networks need to run at peak efficiency, and when they don’t, executives want to know why.The Data Resolution Monitoring and Reporting solution generates reports on a multitude of factors, allowing you to see exactly where resources are being used, where the trouble spots are, and how your network traffic is flowing. It even allows you to automatically generate scheduled reports.

Why Do You Need Enterprise System Monitoring?

The Data Resolution Monitoring and Reporting solution is a full-featured monitoring solution for gaining insight and visibility into your IT infrastructure – servers, devices, activity, and traffic. The best part? You choose the level of control your IT team needs!

Stay on top of your IT assets and leverage the Data Resolution Monitoring and Reporting solution…

To remotely log onto computers and devices

To check the status of machines, services, CPU, memory, etc.

To generate reports

Network devices can be easily accessed as long as you provide access and it can be any mix of physical and virtual machines. Additionally, you can add systems that are residing in the Public Cloud, such as AWS and Azure.

CTA Data Resolution Monitoring and Reporting

And 4 more benefits of the Data Resolution Enterprise System Monitoring and Reporting solution:


To quickly connect to machines and devices and manage processes


To automate patching of OSes, software, antivirus and security tools


To automate backups


To check the status and statistics of machine, services, CPU, memory

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All your network devices can be accessed with any mix of physical and virtual machines. Additionally, easily add systems that are residing with the Public Cloud, such as AWS and Azure.