Disaster Recovery with Data Resolution

We hope it never happens to you. But, with a rise in cybercrime and severe weather events, you may need disaster recovery services sooner than you expect.

When it strikes and fries your data, will your business survive? Just how resilient is your disaster recovery system?

Downtime in this fast-paced digital age is not an option. Think about the hit you’d take from lost productivity and revenue from the interruption of your business services. Think about the consequences of losing your accounting and financial database — and how you’ll then deal with the taxman.

It’s time to protect your enterprise and its most important asset: data.

Data Backup, Storage, and Recovery with Data Resolution

Sure, your IT team does the required backups, but do you know if those backups actually work or whether they’re corrupted? Manual backup processes can be prone to errors.

Forget about chancing a data loss and know your data is safe with our managed service. In the majority of instances, our backup and recovery service is included in your monthly subscription with us.

How Disaster Recovery Services Work

Backups and Storage

Gain peace of mind with Data Resolutions’

  • Automated backups done daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Ability to move the securely encrypted backups to secure data storage facilities via a dedicated network
  • Email reports on the status of your data backups
  • Full audit trail that proves we — and you — have met privacy compliance regulations and data integrity


You can restore from your backups whenever you need. Our always-on support team is available 24/7/365, so you can restore with ease.

But How Safe is Data Resolution from Catastrophic Failure?

It’s true. Disaster can hit any of us. But, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

How We Do It

At Data Resolution we generally take an active : passive approach.

  • If the primary data center loses communication or fails, we bring the second data center online using advanced protocols
  • If the primary data center is still good, but we lose a host or a machine, we migrate all virtual machines to secondary systems usually in less than a minute and sometimes as quickly as 150 milliseconds
  • Flexible failover solutions

And we offer four levels of disaster recovery backup services for you, all based on server and SQL refresh rates:

Hot : Hot

Hot : Warm

Hot : Cold


So take a deep breath. Your data is safe and still available.

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