AWS Cloud Managed Hosting

AWS is one of the top trusted Public Cloud providers in the world and has 42 availability zones within 16 geographic regions around the world.

And next year Amazon Cloud will add five more availability zones and two more regions. This means you can:

  • Deploy your applications across several availability zones in the same region for lower latency and greater fault tolerance
  • Meet data residency and compliance requirements

Benefits of AWS Public Cloud

AWS Public Cloud Managed Hosting also has many dozens of tools and services to make your work easier, things like:

Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)


Snowball Edge

Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Amazon Kinesis

Elastic Beanstalk

Benefits of AWS Public Cloud Managed Hosting with Data Resolution

And, when you use AWS Public Cloud Managed Hosting
with Data Resolution you:

Can pay just for what you use to reduce your up-front costs and bring a quicker return on investment

Can pay a flat rate that lets you accurately budget and keep your IT spending where you need it most

Get one unified bill that includes both your infrastructure and application charges

Are backed by our no downtime guarantee

If you’re already using AWS for some apps, think about keeping life simpler and adding Dynamics to the same platform — the one you already know.