Common QuickBooks FAQs

Can I Try the Desktop Before Purchasing?

Yes! After you submit your order, Data Resolution will create your account. After your user names and passwords are provided you will have a 7 – day trial period, during which you will verify that everything works the way you need it to. There is no obligation during that 7 – day trial period. Billing commences after that 7 – day trial period ends.

Do You Backup My Data and How Long is it Kept?

Yes we back up the data! Nightly backups are retained for 7 days. After that we keep an additional 5 weeks worth of weekly backups.

Can I Get a Copy of My QuickBooks Company Data File?

Yes! You can download a copy of the company file to your local computer at anytime. QuickBooks online does not offer that service but we do!

When I Place My Order, What Happens Next?

We have a very detailed on-boarding process to make sure your needs are met.

What if I Cancel My Annual Agreement Early?

If you cancel an annual agreement you are responsible for 60% of the remaining term.

I Live in (Insert Country Name) - Can I Use Your QuickBooks Product?

If you live in the United States, absolutely!

If you live in another country, the answer is likely no. Our team can clarify this for you if you tell us where you are located.