Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is here! Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Data Resolution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhances business operations by integrating customer relationship management with enterprise resource planning. Imagine the timesavings that can be enjoyed, the boost in productivity, and the ease with which business analytics can be accessed and evaluated.

For Data Resolution Cloud Services Partners

Your strategic partner for satisfied customers in the cloud

Stand out among the crowd. With Data Resolution, an official Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), you can offer your customers Microsoft Dynamics 365. Let us deploy, provision, administer, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your customers so that you can focus on what you do best.

Data Resolution works with you for your success, enabling you to contribute to your clients’ success.

  • Solutions backed by our world-class Microsoft Dynamics managed services team
  • Joint sales/marketing and demand generation activities
  • 24/7/365 US-based support services
  • Optional Private Cloud backup and disaster recovery services
  • Full management and support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suits Companies of All Sizes in Virtually Any Industry

Dynamics 365 Enterprise EditionDynamics 365 Business Edition
Designed for companies with 250 or more employeesDesigned for companies with 10-249 employees
Dynamics 365 for Operations, Enterprise EditionDynamics 365 for Financials, Business Edition
Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise EditionDynamics 365 for Sales, Business Edition
Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Enterprise EditionDynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition
Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Enterprise EditionDynamics 365 for Customer Service, Business Edition
Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Enterprise Edition
Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Enterprise Edition

Start Your Customers With What They Need and Add Modules as Their Companies Grow

When you offer your customers Microsoft Dynamics 365, you help them succeed. Dynamics lets them:


Enhance their customer and vendor engagement, business operations, and employee work flows


Organize, track, and better use their customer information all from a unified platform


Access the information they need when they need it — and on any mobile device


Implement a unified, yet personalized customer-service program


Track customer purchases, needs, and wants


Use Cortana Intelligence so they can unearth, analyze, and use data productively and efficiently


Enjoin Power BI so they have the tools they need to analyze and visualize data on any device

For Enterprises

Improve business operations, efficiency, and management of customer relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It’s the best of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software in one neat package.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Data Resolution helps your business and employees:

  • Enhance work flows as well as customer and vendor engagement
  • Organize, track, and better use customer information
  • Unearth, analyze, and use data productively and efficiently
  • Visualize data on any device, and share reports and visuals in minutes

… and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Office 365 browser links.

Imagine what can happen when:

  • Employees have any-device access to the information they need
  • Customer info is available at a click of a button, turning every interaction into a superior customer-service interaction
  • Data morphs into powerful business-intelligence analytics that can propel your success

Why Use Data Resolution for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Data Resolution with Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Unbeatable Partnership


Helps you transition to the cloud and sets up Dynamics 365


Gives you 24/7/365 service that can’t be beat


Offers managed services so we deploy, provision, administer and maintain it all, giving you time to focus on your business


Is a three-time winner of both the Microsoft Dynamics Hoster of the Year award and the Microsoft President’s Club