Are you looking for a Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting solution to enjoy better performance, scalability, and cost savings? We thought you might be, so we’ve put together this blog post, and a more comprehensive eBook, that will help you analyze the six factors you need to consider when thinking about making a move to a new provider or a different package.

1. Deployment Options

Data Resolution supports three flexible private and public hosting options for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are interested in a private cloud or are a part of the 41% of companies that run most of their workloads in the public cloud, Data Resolution can help you find the right option for your business based on your unique needs.

According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, enterprises and SMBs now run 79% of workloads in a combination of private and public clouds. And, 52% of companies also want to focus on moving more workloads to the cloud in 2017. Based on these numbers, it’s no surprise that you find yourself here, considering a migration to Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting.

Dynamics in the Private Cloud

Data Resolution’s private clouds in our five SSAE-Type 2 data centers around the world give you the highest level of customization in a highly secured, highly accessible solution. When choosing Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting in our private clouds, you get:

  • Turnkey HIPAA compliant hosting solutions
  • Higher levels of security and customizations than what you’ll find in public clouds
  • Greater resources at a lower cost
  • World-class technical support available 24/7/365
  • Automatic and managed backups and replications

Dynamics in the Public Cloud

Alternatively, you can choose Data Resolution and use either AWS or Azure for your Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting. With Data Resolution and the public cloud, you get:

  • Pay-as-you-go and bring-your-own-license options
  • One unified bill (for application and infrastructure) across multiple functional platforms
  • 24/7/365 availability from anywhere on any device
  • Scalability to fit varying traffic patterns
  • The ability to choose the level of support and types of services you want
Will your Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting provider offer managed support services?

A worthy consideration. Does your Dynamics cloud hosting provider offer managed services support?

2. Managed Services Support

Did you move to the cloud for performance and cost savings, only to discover your time is now spent on hardware and monitoring? Our FlexIT managed services provide full support so that you can rest assured knowing your IT needs are being taken care of and you can go back to running your business.

Eliminate the unpredictable, ongoing costs of managing and maintaining your hardware and licensing fees. With Data Resolution’s predictable monthly fee, we will manage virtual machines and cloud networking components with optimized tools and processes, and help with:

  • Migration
  • Compliance
  • Automatic backups and replication
  • Enterprise monitoring and reporting

3. Licensing

Microsoft licensing is complex and sometimes hard to understand, but you’ve got options with Data Resolution.

  • Already have a Dynamics license? Bring your license to the cloud and pay a fee each month for each named user. We can handle the migration for you.
  • Want to buy Dynamics upfront? When you buy the software upfront, you retain the ability to move it to your own premises if you want. You’ll need to purchase the Dynamics module(s) Starter Pack, move it to the cloud, pay a data center setup fee, a per user fee, and license fees for any add-ons.
  • Prefer a subscription model? Choose a subscription model and pay a monthly fee, a one-time data setup charge, and no licensing fees.

Managed Azure Through Data Resolution

4. Security & Compliance

Azure and AWS deliver extraordinarily comprehensive cloud computing solutions, but neither natively provides compliance reporting, leaving you to architect, implement, encrypt, and manage it on your own.

As a long-standing Microsoft Partner (Tier 1 CSP) and Reseller, we provide turnkey compliance solutions for AWS and Azure and expertise in building and managing Azure and AWS environments.

5. Disaster Recovery

With a rise in cybercrime and severe weather events, it’s important to consider the reputation of the Microsoft Dynamics cloud host. So what happens in the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster?

Disaster Recovery in the Public Cloud

The cost of downtime in terms of productivity and lost interactions can be exorbitant. While public clouds like AWS and Azure attempt to protect your environments by replicating your virtual machines, problems can crop up.

Why deal with all this when you could have a pro that works with you to take the complexity out of all the issues to consider — and just get it done right the first time?

Disaster Recovery in Data Resolution’s Private Cloud

Having disaster recovery sites in the cloud can cut your need for IT resources, infrastructure, and data center space — all of which cuts costs. When you choose our private cloud for your Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting, you’ll benefit from:

  • Automated, encrypted backups
  • Reports on the status of your data backups
  • A full audit trail that proves privacy compliance regulations have been met

We offer four levels of disaster recovery and most often use active : passive failovers.

Data Resolution offers the products to suit your team's IT needs.

The right fit for your business. Data Resolution offers the Dynamics products to suit your team’s needs.

6. The Product to Fit Your Needs

Dynamics comes in many flavors. Data Resolution can help you evaluate which is right for you.

Choose Data Resolution for Your Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Hosting

There are many things to think about and product options to choose from when selecting a Microsoft Dynamics cloud hosting solution, so let Data Resolution be your partner in finding the best option for your company.

Don’t be left behind. With 95% of enterprises stating that they are running applications in the cloud or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service, contact Data Resolution today to discover how we can help you eliminate hassles, reduce costs, and take full advantage of the cloud.

Managed Azure Through Data Resolution

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