IT managed services makes good business sense for all companies that use them. Maybe that’s why, according to a 2016 Deloitte survey, 72% of businesses outsource their IT.

A benefit of IT managed services is cost-saving. That’s because you won’t have to pay for these related expenditures:

  • IT salaries
  • Hardware
  • Software upgrades (and maintenance)
  • Service calls

Instead, picture this. Each month at the same time you just pay one predictable monthly fee for all your IT services.

Providers of IT Managed Services

To choose the perfect MSP, you have to know precisely what your business needs. These five steps will help get you to that point:

  1. Determine and rank the services that bring high value to your business
  2. Highlight invaluable services like data protection and system backups (value too high to measure)
  3. Get metrics on services like support (time staff spend on phone/email troubleshooting with customers)
  4. Calculate to find approximate cost to have each measurable service done in-house
  5. Tally-up monthly cost to have all those services done in-house

Now conduct a cost comparison between what you already pay monthly and each MSP under consideration. When you select one, don’t forget you need an MSP that provides those invaluable services.

Besides getting those specific types of managed services done for you, think of all the added benefits of paying the MSP. Remember you can’t put a price on the value of retaining customers and employees, having excess time to focus on running your operations, added security, and more.

Managed services can help with IT in the oil and gas industry.

Whether you’re in Oil and Gas, or another industry, managed services can benefit you.

A Tale of Two Clients

Before you get started, look at these two companies. Different industries — yes. Different service needs — somewhat.

Affirm Oilfield Services needed:

  • Help managing their desktop and mobile services
  • Solution to reduce latency
  • Service to provide constant uptime

Sonoma Creamery needed:

  • Better data protection and more storage
  • System backups and constant uptime
  • Help managing day-to-day business

Read more to discover how managed IT services are solving the IT challenges facing the food and beverage industry or helping cloud computing in the oil and gas industry.

How Managed IT Easily Outperforms In-House IT Every Time

Benefitting From Operations Through Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services

One critical business application, Microsoft Dynamics, integrates Office 365 so all business operations are handled in one place. You run your entire business in the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations ERP software provides an HTML5 web client that’s mobile and touch-screen friendly. ERP also brings you docket panels and native browser-based techniques like multiple tabs.

“The [Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations] ERP software design is arguably the best user interface in the industry.”
ERP Search

Bottom line is that Dynamics ERP delivers the configurable, agile edge you need in today’s business environment.

While it blends a wide range of CRM and ERP capabilities, you only pay for the applications that meet your business needs. Familiar elements like spreadsheets from Outlook and Excel bring critical data to your employees’ and customers’ fingertips, enabling quick decision-making. In this way, Dynamics 365 speeds-up your business process — elegantly.

Boost warehouse operations and efficiency with Dynamics.

Speed up your business processes and manage operations efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics.

Solutions Seamlessly Delivered

Affirm Oilfield Services now benefits from Data Resolution’s hosting services and FlexIT program, including:

  • Network monitoring on its four servers on-premises
  • Latency issue resolution — all data now moves at lightning speed
  • Constant uptime — no more fear of frustrating and losing customers due to downtime
  • Resolution of end-user issues — no more fear of frustrating and losing customers and employees due to unsolved issues

Sonoma Creamery now benefits from Data Resolution’s guarantee that Dynamics NAV and FlexIT bring the company:

  • Huge data storage (as much as they need when they need it)
  • Backup services and constant uptime, with proactive monitoring and support
  • Visible and updated information 24/7 to help managers with decision making and problem solving

Discover More Benefits of Managed IT Services

This just represents a tip of the iceberg. Many more IT managed services — cargo ships full of them — are available. Like Affirm Oil Services and Sonoma Creamery, you can reduce IT expenditures by paying one flat monthly fee. You also get high-level security, critical data protection, built-in user support, and more.

Learn more on IT managed services by checking out our posts How Managed Hosting Benefits You and Why Managed IT Experts Are Proven to Outperform In-House IT.

Or, to start benefitting from Data Resolution’s managed services, contact us today and we’ll help you determine your company’s service needs.

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