Join Data Resolution’s ISV Partner Program for AWS

Join Data Resolution’s ISV partner program and bring your technology solutions to the world’s largest public cloud marketplace — AWS — easily and quickly, without the hassles.

$146 Billion

Global Public Cloud Market

22% Growth

Compound Growth of Market Over Two Years

$141 Billion

 Spending on Public Cloud Services in 2019

75% of Spending

Devoted to Software as a Service (SaaS) in 2019

The Public Cloud Opportunity Is Enormous

The global public cloud market will top $146 billion1 this year, up from $87 billion two years ago, growing at a 22% compound annual growth rate.

Spending on public cloud services will hit about $141 billion in 2019, more than double the $70 billion spent last year, according to International Data Corporation2. And two-thirds of that spending will be devoted to software as a service.

ISVs can’t afford to leave that kind of money on the table.

You Could Do It Yourself…

But taking your technology to the AWS Marketplace requires time and resources you can’t afford to consume.

  • An understanding of cloud architecture and security

  • An understanding of Microsoft licensing and reporting

  • Having a Microsoft partnership status

  • A long testing process

  • Providing support to end-users

And all those resources take the focus off from development, meaning you’re creating fewer products and cutting revenue growth.

We’re Your Guide to the AWS Marketplace

  • Award Winning AWS Partner

    We’ve worked extensively with AWS, and understand it inside and out.

  • Pioneer of SharePoint Enterprise in the AWS Marketplace

    We launched the first ever product listing of SharePoint Enterprise in the AWS Marketplace.

  • Leader of Dynamics Suite in the AWS Marketplace

    We followed it up with the release of the Dynamics Suite in the AWS Marketplace.

ISV Partner Program for AWS

At AWS Marketplace, we are always looking to offer innovative solutions that help our customers harness the power of the AWS Cloud. Making Data Resolution available in AWS Marketplace allows for frictionless Enterprise purchase and deployment of Microsoft applications, including taking advantage of Clusters and AWS Resources and allowing clustered deployments.

— Barry Russell
GM of Global Business Development at AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace 

Join the Largest ‘App Store’ in the World

There are more than 1,100 ISVs currently in the AWS Marketplace and more than 3,500 software offerings.

And AWS customers log more than 300 million hours of AWS use each month.

Think about what that could mean for your product…

As an ISV you can now have AWS host your applications at a fraction of the cost of building out your own expensive hosting infrastructure. This reduces your risk and go-to-market expenses.

When you join Data Resolution’s ISV Partner Program, you can gain another source of revenue by adapting your software and applications to the public cloud and making them available on a pay-per-use, global basis — drastically reducing your cost of customer acquisition.

Four ISV Partner Programs to Suit Your Needs

We truly believe that your success is our success, and our partner program is designed with your success in mind. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your growing ISV business, so we’ve developed four partnership levels so you can find the one that best suits your needs.


ISV Partner Program

Full Partnership

Split costs and revenue 50/50 with Data Resolution.

  • 50/50 expense sharing related to marketing and development
  • Data Resolution operates as seller of record
  • Data Resolution provides all support and maintenance
  • Price together; margin is split post-costs
  • Quarterly reviews with one-year commitment at signing


ISV Partner Program

Reseller Option 1

Great for companies interested in co-funding marketing, but not development.

  • Data Resolution is seller of record
  • ISV sells to Data Resolution at best wholesale price; Data Resolution sets resale price
  • Partner matches co-marketing funds up to $25,000 for launch and then quarterly review of future commitments
  • Data Resolution provides provisioning, micro-sites, and management of the product
  • Data Resolution provides support and maintenance


ISV Partner Program

Reseller Option 2

Great for hands-off companies who just want to be listed in the marketplace.

  • ISV sells to Data Resolution at the best wholesale price; Data Resolution chooses resale price
  • Data Resolution is seller of record
  • Data Resolution funds marketing entirely
  • Data Resolution provides support and maintenance
  • Data Resolution provides provisioning, micro-sites, and management of product


ISV Partner Program

Customized: Build Your Own

Remember how we said we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all? We mean it. If none of the other partner models fit your needs, we’re open to custom agreements.

How to Get Started on the ISV Partner Program


We’ll begin with the signing of trade non-disclosure and partnership agreements. It’s also when the development environment is sent over. Typically this takes three to four days.
  • If Data Resolution integrates the stack, the time to market is approximately one week

  • If partners integrate the stack, the time to market is variable

ISV Partner Program for AWS


Next we will align our marketing . This is basically accomplished in one of two ways. Again, choose whichever suits you best.
  • If you want us to do all the grunt work

    Data Resolution gets your logos and pricing. It also puts a 10-person test AMI into the AWS Marketplace. This takes one week at most.

  • If you want a hands-on approach and get involved

    We schedule a marketing kickoff meeting. The timeline for this is dependent on what’s convenient for the partner. After that, we schedule a meeting with business development or the partner channel manager to discuss:

    • How well the product is doing
    • Discover use cases
    • The next iteration of product
    • Whether the solution can be included in one of the bundles we’re launching

Join the ISV Partner Program

When you’re ready to get your solutions into the AWS Marketplace without fussing with the required AMI(s), contact: