Managed Backup and Replication

FlexIT Managed Backup and Replication

According to Applied Research 3 out of 4 SMBs rank data loss as the most serious threat to their business. If your team is accessing data from multiple locations simultaneously, you need a strategy in place to safeguard against catastrophic data loss.

FlexIT offers Managed Backup service for businesses concerns about data loss, standards or failed restores and Managed Replication to ensure minimal delay in recovery, even across devices in multiple sites.


Save Time, Storage Space and Server Load

Trust FlexIT for Managed Backup of your physical or virtual servers using our Block Level Infinite Incremental Backup technology, which reduces backup time and allows you to fully restore your data anywhere, even on dissimilar machines. Our regular monthly reporting feature keeps you completely informed of where and how your data is being stored.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Offsite data storage is cost effective and efficient, and the best way to protect your information in the event of a disaster. Because our Managed Replication service continuously mirrors your data, you can recover data from any moment in time should your systems go down. Replicating your most critical applications means you’ll never lose time and money to lost productivity in the event of an emergency.

Protect Your Data

Don’t take chances with total data loss, exorbitant recovery costs or productivity declines while you wait for systems to be restored and data to be recovered. Our complete lifecycle management system will minimize downtime and decrease backup bandwidth demands, allow you to quickly recover your data to any hardware, and provide you with monthly reporting so you can be certain your data is secure.

Want something more comprehensive than our individual offerings?

FlexIT also offers Fully Managed Services to meet all of your team’s IT needs.
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