Managed AntiSpam and AntiVirus

FlexIT Managed AntiSpam and AntiVirus

Spam can be more than just a nuisance to your day-to-day operations – it’s also an widely-used and ‘effective’ way by the bad guys to transmit viruses to your business, your partners and your clients. Tens of trillions of junk emails are sent each year, and even the best filter may not catch them all. Don’t take chances on stand-alone software that requires time-consuming monitoring and can still leave you vulnerable.

Centralized Deployment for Consistent Coverage

While other solutions rely on end users to make decisions on upgrades and operation, our Managed AntiVirus service includes centralized deployment and upgrades to ensure that all of your devices are consistently protected and monitored by our IT experts. We scan incoming and outgoing emails in real-time to avoid the costly delays you can encounter with other systems. 


Unbeatable Protection

Our Managed AntiSpam and AntiVirus solutions includes more than just software to block viruses, spyware and malware. Let us provide you with:


Monthly status and threat reporting


Real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing mail


Centralized monitoring and signature and software updates


Device health monitoring


Scheduled scans


Asset discovery and monitoring

Want something more comprehensive than our individual offerings?

FlexIT also offers Fully Managed Services to meet all of your team’s IT needs.
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