FlexIT For Managed Network & IT Support

A proactive approach towards outsourced IT that delivers superior support with predictable costs


Why Should You Choose FlexIT?

Shifting Priorities for SMBs and Enterprises

Most IT is just overhead. It’s why many organizations are choosing to outsource its non-critical IT expenses to a managed service provider so that it can focus on the strategic – spending its IT budget where it matters the most.

How Managed IT Easily Outperforms In-House IT Every Time: 2018 Update

What’s the True Cost of Running IT In-House in 2018?

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When You’re Stretched Too Thin – A Network Solutions Provider

What do you do when you realize you don’t have the resources to manage your ever growing IT needs? Whether your IT department can’t spare the man-hours to address evolving demands or you simply can’t afford a team of in-house experts right now, your company’s IT and network management is not somewhere you want to blow your budget (and leave to chance). That’s where FlexIT can help – we deliver cost-effective, highly-secured and customizable solutions to meet your organization’s operational needs.


Your IT Is Our Number One Focus

What you may consider a non-strategic ‘cost’ like system backups and server uptime, we consider our strategic value – taking off your plate anything that is non-essential and allowing you to focus on your business. We don’t simply sell a service – we offer a partnership. FlexIT provides a comprehensive approach to optimizing your systems, and we’re just as invested in your success as if we were your own private IT department. Let us take care of security, data protection and user support, while you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Our Services, Your IT Team


Fully Managed Services

Want all the benefits of an in-house IT team without having to hire and train experts on your own? FlexIT’s Fully Managed Services bundle has everything you need.


Facing government or industry compliance standards? Our Managed Compliance service will secure your sensitive data and ensure you’re always ready for a regulatory audit.


Keep your staff connected on the go while keeping company data secure. FlexIT’s Managed Mobile can manage, track and secure your team’s devices in a BYOD environment.

Backup / Replication

How would your business fare in the face of critical data loss? Protect yourself and reduce restore times with incremental backups and constant offsite mirroring.

AntiVirus / AntiSpam

Don’t take chances on the security of your systems. FlexIT’s AntiSpam and AntiVirus services offer real-time scanning and centralized deployment and updates to block all attacks.

Why FlexIT?

FlexIT: By Data Resolution

A dedicated IT department for one monthly fee – your comprehensive team in place before any problems occur!
Benefit with FlexIT and the flat-rate model.

FlexIT: To Meet Your Business Needs

Critical business services are – just that, critical. So we work tirelessly to align our technology to support your business initiatives with 24×365 monitoring and aggressive preventative maintenance to maximize your uptime and productivity. Let us take the worry about IT off your minds – get in touch with us today, or check out our individual services to learn more about what we can do for you.