Enterprises have been steadily pushing into the cloud over the last decade or so. And with that comes enterprise app growth, as businesses now expect of their enterprise apps what individuals do of their smartphone apps. This trend, as evidenced by the predictions and statistics below, is only growing in momentum and volume.

  • In 2016, companies that ran more than 1,000 VMs in the public cloud increased between 13% and 17%, while those running more than 1,000 VMs in the private cloud increased between 22% and 31%, according to a Right Scale survey.
  • The typical enterprise in the latter half of 2016 had 376 SaaS applications in use and expects enterprise app growth to increase by 13%, to 426 applications, by the end 2018.
  • Cloud application services will grow by 18% this year, according to Gartner. “As enterprise application buyers are moving toward a cloud-first mentality, we estimate that more than 50% of new 2017 large-enterprise North American application adoptions will be composed of SaaS or other forms of cloud-based solutions,” says Sid Nag, Gartner’s research director.
  • Global Market Insights says enterprise app growth between now and 2022 will be driven by companies’ needs for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software since they provide “real time flow of information through various connected departments such as sales, production, technical; quality and HR.”
  • Spending on public cloud services will total about $141 billion by 2019 — more than double what it was in 2015, according to IDC.

Enterprise App Growth in the Cloud

Enterprise app growth in the cloud is to be expected, given the many well-known benefits of working in the cloud, including:

  • Lower IT costs, reduced maintenance costs, fewer hardware upgrades, and increased revenue growth, according to Forbes
  • Flexibility, agility, and scalability, according to Information Age
  • Improved security and compliance, according to InfoWorld
More and more businesses are using enterprise apps.

Thanks to the many benefits, more and more businesses are using enterprise apps in the cloud.

AWS Marketplace Opportunity

The AWS Marketplace is the world’s most popular cloud service and now supports over 3,500 products — including software infrastructure, business and desktop software, as well as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management tools and more. As such, it can be used as “a good indicator of how some of the world’s most successful companies are using (and consuming) enterprise applications in the cloud,” writes Dean Ara, in the post Enterprise Applications Move to the Cloud in Droves.

And Data Resolution, which made it possible to purchase and deploy SharePoint Enterprise in the AWS Marketplace, is only one of two SharePoint instances there that offers 24/7 support and has implemented a standardized 3-Tier process to handle support inquiries.

Data Resolution also worked extensively with AWS to deploy a pre-configured image of Microsoft Dynamics, which not only means your work is reduced considerably, but also demonstrates Data Resolution’s commitment to you, your success, and its desire to take some of the IT burden off your shoulders. And because of this effort on our part, you are assured of software that works as you expect, as you are used to, and as you need, with no additional effort on your part.

Managed Azure Through Data Resolution

Data Resolution Poised to Be the Leader

Gartner’s “Predicts 2017: Cloud Computing Enters Its Second Decade” notes that as more companies recognize the folly of willy-nilly SaaS adoption, they’ll end their experimentation and instead start to look “for strategic relationships with cloud technology providers.”

Partnering with You

And that’s one area where Data Resolution provides leadership. It partners with you to help you achieve your business goals and becomes your trusted advisor. It also offers a one-stop solution with 24/7/365 support for your secure, compliant, cloud needs along with the pay-as-you-go, bring-your-own-license, and managed service options from the AWS Marketplace.

Data Resolution is your trusted IT partner.

Like an extension of your team, Data Resolution partners with you to help achieve your business goals.

Live Products

But, there’s another area where we’re taking the lead as well. We have 18 live products in the AWS Marketplace, 22 in scanning, and nine currently under development, clearly establishing us as a key player there.

Data Resolutions’ Cloud Marketplace Department develops and maintains pre-provisioned instances of software bought and sold through AWS. And as an all-things-Microsoft award winner and expert, we focus on SharePoint, Dynamics SL, GP, NAV, CRM, and AX — as well as third-party applications for those products.

So, when you decide to turn to trusted, vetted, secure enterprise apps in the cloud, give us a call at 877-885-2649 or contact us today and discover how we work with you to bolster your business success.

Managed Azure Through Data Resolution

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