We Are Data Resolution

We’re building a different kind of Cloud services company. We believe that the Cloud should simplify work and we’re on a mission to bring that to our customers.

Come Join Us

Help bring the Cloud to people’s lives.

The Cloud has changed the way that people access and store their data — and we think it’s beautiful. But we also know that many people are intimidated by the Cloud. We’re passionate about alleviating those worries by creating flawless (and fun) Cloud experiences for our customers. And that begins with our team.

Why Are Businesses Moving To The Cloud?

Work That Matters

Data Resolution helps customers work smarter and easier through the Cloud. We believe our work matters and are building a team of smart, innovative, and diverse people who also want their work to be meaningful. We work with the leading clouds – AWS and Azure – and help our customers navigate to the Cloud, one workload at a time!

Great Values, Great People

Work at Data Resolution is based on our core values: Respect, Equality, Innovation, Hard work, Customer Dedication, and a lot of Fun. Our values drive what we do and are the heart of our culture.

Work, Balanced

We believe equally in hard work and balance, and know our employees are at their best when they’re well rested and happy. We try to keep our meetings to a minimum so you can focus on your work. We also know that you have a life outside of the office — we keep regular work hours and offer flexibility on those hours when you need to tend to the other parts of your life.

The Perks

Data Resolution provides a 401k plan and a health coverage where then we pay 85% of the premiums for our base plan for the employee and dependents. The employee can choose to upgrade and pay the difference to a Cafeteria plan on a pre-tax basis. Data Resolution also provides paid time off for employees that they can use at their discretion for either vacation or personal time/sick time.

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