BrightWork’s SharePoint Project Management Solution

In project management, clear visibility at all touch points leads to excellent communication. According to the Project Management Institute1, one third of all projects fail as a result of poor communication.

To determine if you might be in that third think back to your last project. Did you:

  • Communicate all thoughts and actions relating to the project?

  • Demonstrate razor sharp decision making and problem-solving?

  • Align your senior management?

  • Engage your stakeholders?

BrightWork’s SharePoint project management solution can do all these things for you, and more. Agile innovation in this new kind of project management enables rapid communication, informed decisions, and targeted action at record speed.


BrightWork, a SharePoint project management solution, delivers immediate visibility and control. This leads to collaboration, exceptional project management, and organizational growth.

  • Task Scheduler creates visibility by allowing project team members to continuously update their project tasks on the BrightWork site as they complete tasks or take on new ones.
  • The fluid information on the Task Scheduler becomes a focal point, allowing a continuous flow of communication for everyone on the project.


Collaboration, essentially cooperating in teams, is another key component. Team members working toward a shared goal might be from the same or different departments, offices, companies, or even continents.

  • All team members can access the same central, up-to-date Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from a Web browser. Team members can view the same information at any given time, updated by the second and accessed remotely from anywhere.
  • Security is built into the document, so proprietary information is protected.

Benefits of Collaborative Project Management

Communication x Collaboration for:

1. Stakeholder Engagement

Research conducted in 2012 by The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship2 reveals that positive stakeholder engagement is far, far reaching. Besides influencing the group of stakeholders directly in an engagement, other groups of stakeholders observing that engagement are positively influenced.

How positive does it get? Another study3 shows how firms with positive stakeholder relationships benefit from creating levels of transparency and ultimately better access to capital. The focus must be on the relationship though, rather than on financial gain.

Strong relationships build trust with your stakeholders. It requires both time and meaningful ways to engage with groups of stakeholders. BrightWork in SharePoint enables you to do just this.

You’ll be able to create a strategy in four steps:

  • 1. Identify stakeholders

  • 2. Investigate their interests and influences

  • 3. Plan strategy

  • 4. Engage stakeholders

2. Senior Management Alignment

If senior management aligns with middle management and employees, lines of communication will open. Relationships will strengthen if everyone works toward one common (project) goal. A workplace previously stifled by silos can transform into a workplace that’s open to decision-making and creative innovation.

What’s more, collaborative templates and automated reporting give senior executives the high-level visibility they need, ensuring customer satisfaction. BrightWork provides:

  • The Project Request Manager template, enabling you to log, rank, assess, and report on new project proposals

  • Reporting dashboards in SharePoint, with metrics and more, giving you instant visibility

3. Enhance Decision-Making

You can easily spot trouble on a project, and take action accordingly.

  • Utilize the many tools in BrightWork templates to make sure the investments you’re considering align to your business goals

  • Efficiently prioritize projects by selecting the best ones that align perfectly with your organization’s strategic business goals

Discover the many benefits that our SharePoint managed services can offer your business.