Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise on AWS

Reduce Costs and Increase Flexibility

SharePoint Enterprise Business Pay-As-You-Go

SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Business: Up To 25 Users (3 instances)

This package is well suited for enterprises looking for a collaboration tool in multiple geo-locations, including support for external users. It features single server instances of Active Directory 2012, Microsoft SQL 2012 and Windows Server 2012.

  • Best for up to 25 users, including support for external users like contractors and remote partners
  • Medium-sized enterprise or Line of Business implementation
  • Central business hub for storing, synching and sharing content
  • HR portal for onboarding new employees: connect with peers and mentors, understand the business and ramp up.
  • Document management for accounting or legal firms: take advantage of automatic task routing and use forms built right into your site, leading to less paperwork and faster completion.
AWS Services Requirements Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon EIP
Software Included Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Enterprise
Instance Type Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise – t2.large
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Enterprise – m4.large
Availability Zones US-East-1 (N Virginia)
US-West-1 (N California)
US-West-2 (Oregon)
Estimated Software Price Per Hour (varies by instance type and EC2 region.) $2.450/hr
Estimated Annual Software Total $19,249/year

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