Amazon Web Services (AWS) With Data Resolution

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most popular Cloud and a good choice for most businesses that know they need more reliability and security at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

AWS with Data Resolution is the king in the Cloud, providing you with turnkey Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise, Dynamics and other business solutions, along with the flexibility of pay-as-you-go, bring-your-own-license (BYOL), and managed service options.

Why AWS?

Gartner considers AWS the safe choice among Cloud providers, and notes that it has 10 times the utilized capacity of its next 14 nearest competitors combined. Amazon Web Services also has recorded downtime at least five times lower than the next best provider. And, because AWS is more mature than its competitors, it has “more overall security modes.”

Flexibility with AWS

Sure, you can use AWS on your own, and be responsible for maintenance, upgrades, patches, and all that back-end work you don’t really care for. Or, you can use AWS with Data Resolution and we’ll do that for you — and more, including 24/7/365 super support.

Data Resolution worked extensively with Amazon Web Services and the result is a win for you. AWS with Data Resolution gives you the flexibility to:

  • Pay for just what you use
  • Bring your own license
  • Choose packages based on company size
  • Choose which AWS region you want

AWS with Data Resolution Is Pre-optimized for Your Convenience and Easy Access

When you choose AWS on Data Resolution you get easy access to pre-optimized product offerings. We’ve worked with AWS to pre-build it according to AWS’ template for bringing products onto the Cloud. This means it’s easy for you to access and makes your work life easier.

AWS with Data Resolution:

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    Can come with pre-built-in licensing

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    Is easily configured on a server

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    Means you can optimize the size of your server based on your anticipated loads and activity in seconds

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    Lets you automatically set up domains and directories

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    Allows you to quickly set up hierarchies and permissions

Use SharePoint Enterprise on AWS

Data Resolution and Microsoft made it possible, as of February 2016, to enjoy SharePoint Enterprise 2013, the leading collaboration platform, on AWS. Now you can effectively use it across your enterprise and benefit from its full social and sharing features.

You can pay-as-you-go or bring-your-own-license. Migrate your existing SharePoint solutions to AWS and deploy SharePoint globally.

SharePoint Enterprise on AWS comes with free migration and setup, but limited support after that — so you’ll need to manually configure it to get it to work as you want.

Try a 30-day free trial and if you like it, pay only as you use it.

Microsoft Dynamics on AWS by Data Resolution merges everything you love about this sleek and easy-to-use CRM and ERP software with the robust power and flexibility of the Cloud with AWS. Best of all, your Dynamics software charges will appear on your AWS bill along with your infrastructure charges in ONE unified bill. Easy.

Use Dynamics on AWS

Microsoft Dynamics by Data Resolution merges everything you love about this suite of easy-to-use customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software with the robust power and flexibility of AWS. Choose from among five pricing levels — including all-in-one, pay-as-you-go, or bring-your-own-license packages — depending on how many users you anticipate.


Dynamics GP

Seamless interoperability between finance, sales, reporting, HR, and operations in a single integrated, business-intelligence


Dynamics NAV

Sleek and easy-to-use CRM and ERP software with the robust power and flexibility of the Cloud with AWS


Dynamics SL

An easy-to-use ERP software that’s great for project-based companies


Dynamics AX

Consolidate multiple business tools under one umbrella and get rid of your cumbersome legacy systems

AWS with Data Resolution

When you choose AWS with Data Resolution, you get:

  • Flexible options — pay-as-you-go, bring-your-own-license
  • Software optimized for your business size
  • Unparalleled managed support and services 24/7/365
  • The ability to try it, learn it, and buy it

Discover the many benefits that our managed services can offer your business.