In Partnership:
Global Spine Outreach, San Diego Spine Foundation and Data Resolution

Raising Funds To Improve Care of Scoliosis Patients Worldwide

Our Mission

GSO transforms the lives of children with severe spinal deformities by performing state-of-the-art surgeries free of charge. We collaborate with medical professionals in local communities to build self-sustaining spinal surgery centers of excellence.

The Big Picture

Data Resolution has partnered with nonprofits Global Spine Outreach (GSO) and the San Diego Spine Foundation (SDSF) to develop a vital, mobile, patient care tool that will help medical personnel enhance their care of those with scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

Untreated progressive scoliosis and other deformities of the spine can lead to significant health problems and even death. Children without access to health care are especially at risk. GSO and SDSF are dedicated to the improved treatment of this problem outside the U.S.

The Challenge

Not all healthcare practitioners have access to the latest research on spinal problems. Many still have questions about how to diagnose and treat patients, and about which treatments are most appropriate for individual cases and curvature types.

A recently-developed software application allows practitioners to store and track critical patient information, including the effectiveness of treatments and surgeries, in a shared database — but it isn’t yet optimized for field use.

The Partnership

Global Spine Outreach and the San Diego Spine Foundation are both 501(c)(3) charitable organizations focused on research, education, and treatment of scoliosis and other spinal issues. Data Resolution, a global provider of hosted technology solutions, has worked in partnership with these organizations to customize, maintain, and host various software applications.

The Solution

The Data Resolution Scoliosis Patient Tracker will effectively address these challenges. We’ll customize and modernize the current application, and make it mobile-ready to better suit the needs of researchers and those in the field.

The Data Resolution Scoliosis Patient Tracker will:

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    Let practitioners capture critical data and find treatment information in the field

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    Allow real-time access to patient data to aid crucial on-the-spot decisions

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    Incorporate built-in mobile features and an administrative tracking system

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    Enhance the ongoing research needed for better treatment

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    Include offline capabilities to store patient data in areas with no internet access, with sync occurring when connectivity is regained

What Your Donation Makes Possible

We need your help. Your generous donation will:

  • Facilitate Data Resolution’s customization, maintenance, operation, and hosting of the software
  • Improve spinal care practices and procedures across the globe
  • Allow healthcare professionals to be more efficient, see more patients, and track care levels and patient outcomes
  • Bring a better quality of life to children with scoliosis around the world

Help us give kids a strong backbone. Support better access to and better treatments for scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Donate now.

Together, you, Data Resolution, Global Spine Outreach, and the San Diego Spine Foundation can improve — and even save — the lives of those who struggle every day to stay upright, move well, and breathe easily.

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more information.

With important enhancements, we see the opportunity to make this software more useful to practitioners in the field and researchers at home. Please help us by giving today!

Your donations will help us give physicians the tool they need to enhance the quality of children’s lives.


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